Building Our Community Partnerships

As we approach the launch of the 10c Refund Container Deposit Scheme for Victoria, we are thrilled to announce that donation partner registration is now open. This is a fantastic opportunity for community groups, schools, and charitable organisations to become a vital part of this initiative while benefiting your cause and promoting environmental sustainability in our community.

Why become a donation partner?

CDS Vic allows charities and community groups to raise funds while championing recycling. It’s a win-win. Organisations interested in raising funds through the scheme must first register with CDS Vic to obtain a Donation Partner ID. This verifies your organisation as a registered entity in Victoria. There is no closing date for registering. To receive payments, organisations will also need to activate their Donation Partner ID with the relevant Zone Operator. For those in the East this will be Return-It. Please allow 10 business days for us to process your application.

How to Register

To begin your registration, you need to go to the CDS Vic website:

Please note to register with CDS Vic and  Return-It, you will need the following :

  • ABN/ CAN or the ability to sign a statutory declaration stating you are eligible to receive donations.
  • An application letter on your organisation’s letterhead. Template Available here.
  • Evidence that the bank account you have provided belongs to your organisation. (e.g. pre-printed bank deposit slip, bank statement header, bank information pdf).

For more detailed instructions please read our Step by Step Guide.

How to get started fundraising

Once you are registered with the scheme and Return It you will be issued a unique Donation Partner ID, and you are ready to start fundraising. You can share this Donation Partner ID with your community to encourage them to donate their eligible drink containers to your cause. You could also start fundraising activities such as a collection drive or donation return points. Every bottle collected earns your cause 10cents.

We are excited to see the positive impact the scheme will have not only on our environment but your own causes. Thank you for considering becoming a donation partner in Return-It’s network.