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What is

A system that works for everyone. Return-It embraces charity groups as part of the recycling collection system. Convenient locations plus new technology enables a seamless recycling experience both at in-store Express stands and at fully staffed depots.

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Catering for all volumes of containers, Depots are designed for easy and efficient container sorting. You sort your containers by material type for an instant cash refund.

At the depot you simply go to a sorting table, take off all the lids, and then sort all your containers into separate trays; aluminium cans, plastic bottles, paperboard, clear glass bottles, green glass bottles, brown glass bottles. This makes it simple and easy for staff to provide a quick and accurate count and provide your refund. Or you can opt to donate to one of our selected charities.

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Express is designed for small volume drop offs at convenient in-store locations. It’s as simple as “Bag, Drop & Go”.

Firstly place your eligible containers in durable slightly see-through bags, like the regular kitchen tidy bags you can buy from the shops. Drop your bags at an Express location. Use the instore touch screen console to enter your pre-registered phone number. Choose your refund type; donate to a nominated charity or credit your online account. Enter the number of bags being dropped, and receive a bar-coded label for each of your bags. Done. The staff at the Express location will do the rest. Your containers will be counted and properly recycled and your account will be credited.

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For up-to-date information on all Return-It locations and container eligibility please visit the ACT Container Deposit Scheme website.

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