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        Where can I return my containers?

        We have a number of return points in the ACT, we have cash-back depots, drop and go PODs, and an express service. These centres have been created with convenience and efficiency in mind, to make your recycling journey both fulfilling and effortless.

        For location details go to http://www.returnit.com.au/locations/

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        What drink containers are eligible for Return-It?

        To receive a 10c refund under the ACT Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), the containers must meet the following criteria:

        • They must have a size range between 150mL to 3L
        • They must be made of glass, PET, HDPE, aluminium, steel, or liquid paperboard (cartons)
        • The containers must be empty and in reasonably good condition.

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        What condition do my containers have to be in to be eligible?

        For a successful refund, containers should be emptied, intact, and in good condition – although they can be crushed. Containers for wine, spirits, cordials and plain milk are not accepted. If a container does not meet the eligibility criteria, it should be disposed of in a recycling bin.

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        Why are some containers not eligible for a refund?

        The Return-It system aims to reduce drink container litter in the ACT. Wine and spirits in glass containers, mainly consumed at home, are not commonly found in litter. The following containers are excluded from the ACT CDS: plain milk, cordial, containers for concentrated fruit juice intended to be diluted, health tonic containers, containers less than 150ml or over 3L, glass containers for wine or spirits, containers for 1L or more of flavoured milk, containers for 1L or more of 90% fruit juice, casks or aseptic packs for 1L or more of wine, water, or wine-based drinks, sachets for 250ml or more of wine.

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        Are there different types of collection points?

        Return-It has two options for returning containers: Express and Depot. Express is for small quantities, with quick in-store drop offs. Simply bring your eligible containers in a clear plastic bag, use the touch screen to enter your information, and choose your refund method (donate to charity or credit your online account). Depots accommodate all quantities, with self-sorting tables for efficient counting. Sort containers by material type (aluminium cans, plastic bottles, paperboard, clear/green/brown glass bottles) and receive instant cash or donate to a chosen charity.

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        How do I get my refund?

        When returning containers at Return-It Express, you have two options for obtaining a refund:

        1) Electronically credited to your account, or
        2) donated to a designated charity. To make your selection, use the in-store touch screen console to enter your information.

        For Return-It Depots, you have three options for receiving your refund:
        1) Instant cash,
        2) Electronically credited to your account, or
        3) donated to a selected charity.

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        What do I need to do to be set up to receive a digital refund?

        To get started, sign up on the website by creating a login profile and a personal account profile with your address and bank information. Once registered, you can use your mobile phone as your identifier at any Return-It Express Stand to drop off your recyclables.

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        If I choose to donate my refund, how do I select who it goes to?

        Choose the charity you want to support at the touch screen console in a Return-It Express Stand or a Return-It Depot location. Simply follow the prompts on the console to direct your refund to the charity of your choice.

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        How is Return-It different from my council kerbside collection?

        While you have the option to use your kerbside recycling for your containers, it’s important to note that not all containers consumed at home may be eligible for a refund through Return-It. Return-It aims to complement your local kerbside recycling by focusing on litter found in the community environment, which is often made up of single-use containers purchased away from home.

        While your household yellow bin can still be used to recycle containers, it does not allow you to receive a refund for them. This is because the curbside recycling system does not have a way to identify the containers as yours. However, if you choose to recycle eligible containers through the curbside system, the refunds may go towards improving waste services in your area.

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        What happens to my container after I return it?

        The containers are collected and sorted at a centre in the ACT. They are then classified into valuable materials and, when possible, reused in other products. For example, aluminium cans are melted into ingots for making new cans, engine blocks, and aeroplane wings. Plastic bottles are shredded, cleaned, and transformed into new plastic products like bottles, pipes, and polar fleece textiles.

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        What type of bag do I need for Express "Bag, Drop and Go"?

        Place your eligible containers in clear, durable bags like regular kitchen waste bags. Securely tie the bags to prevent breakage. Label each bag with your personal barcode so that the depot can accurately count the containers and issue your electronic refund. Plastic bags are required to be labelled so we can identify your containers and ensure proper refund.

        For a plastic-free option, visit the Mitchell or Fyshwick depots for on-the-spot processing and cash refunds.

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        What happens to the plastic bags once the containers are counted?

        Your used plastic bags will undergo a recycling process, which transforms them into new products. This is part of our commitment to promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste in the environment. The collected plastic bags will be transformed into new materials, such as park benches, decking, and even new plastic bags, thus reducing the need for virgin resources.

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        How do I get paid?

        After your containers are counted, access your online account to view the receipt for the entire dropped-off bag and the proper deposit refund. The Express system also provides options for redemption and charity donation.

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        Who do I contact when I have a problem?

        For any inquiries or issues, please reach out to our info desk. Depot staff cannot provide account information or assistance. If you have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ, please email Return-It directly at support@returnit.com.au.

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        What are Redemption Centres & Bottle Depots?

        Redemption centres and bottle and can depots are facilities where individuals can return their eligible recyclable containers and receive a refund, as part of a container deposit scheme. They are operated by authorized organizations, such as Return-It. Customers can bring in eligible containers, such as glass, aluminium, or plastic bottles, and get a refund for each container on the deposit fee paid at the time of purchase. These centres aim to increase recycling rates and reduce litter in the environment.

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        How do redemption centres and bottle depots work?

        Eligible containers: Customers bring in eligible containers, such as glass, aluminium, or plastic bottles, that have a deposit fee paid at the time of purchase.

        Counting and sorting: The containers are counted and sorted by staff or machines.

        Refunds: Customers receive a refund for each container, usually in the form of a voucher or cash payment.

        Recycling: The returned containers are then recycled or sent for further processing.

        By offering incentives for returning recyclable containers, these centres aim to increase recycling rates, reduce litter in the environment, and promote sustainability. Redemption centres and bottle depots play an important role in the circular economy by keeping materials in use for as long as possible and minimizing waste.

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        Can crushed or damaged containers be returned?

        Yes, all containers can be returned for a refund, except for broken glass. Crushed or damaged containers, will receive the full deposit fee refund, as long as they are eligible for return under the container deposit scheme. Broken glass cannot be safely handled and recycled, so it cannot be returned for a refund.

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        Will I have to pay more for drinks that are eligible under the scheme?

        When you purchase a container, you will pay a deposit fee, which is a small additional charge on top of the cost of the beverage. It’s determined by the beverage manufacturers whether they absorb or pass on this cost, and its purpose is to incentivize customers to return the containers for recycling.
        Return-It is in the business of handling the refund process, not determining the deposit fee. So, when you return eligible containers at a Redemption Center or Bottle Depot, you will receive a refund for each container based on the deposit fee paid at the time of purchase.

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        How can I fundraise through Return-It?

        Return-It offers a fundraising program, allowing community groups, schools, and charitable organizations to raise money by collecting and returning eligible containers. Here’s how it works:
        1) Organizations can register with Return-It by phone.
        2) Participating organizations collect eligible containers and bring them to a Redemption Centre or Bottle Depot.
        3) The containers are counted and processed, and the refund amount is credited to the organization’s account.
        4) The organization can redeem its credits for cash, which can be used for fundraising or other purposes.

        Through this program, organizations can raise money for their causes while promoting environmental sustainability and reducing waste in the community.

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        Will my information remain private?

        Yes, your information will remain private when participating in the Return-It container returns. Return-It is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and follows industry-standard security practices to secure customer data. Personal information collected during the registration process, such as name, contact information, and banking details, is used for the purpose of managing Return-It and will not be shared with third parties, except as required by law. Return-It takes the protection of customer data seriously and strives to ensure that all information is handled securely and confidentially.

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        How long will it take for my refund to reach my bank account if I have returned my containers through a bag drop?

        Typically, it can take up to 10 business days for the refund to appear in your bank account after returning containers through a bag drop. However, processing times can vary depending on the volume of returns, so it is recommended to check with the Redemption Center or Bottle Depot for a more accurate estimate. You can also check your account balance or contact Return-It for more information about the status of your refund.

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        Is there a maximum number of containers I can return?

        No, there is no maximum number of containers you can return, but you may be required to sign a statutory declaration if you return a large number of containers. A statutory declaration is a legal statement that is used to verify the accuracy of information. In some cases, customers who return large quantities of containers may be asked to sign a statutory declaration as part of an internal audit process.

        However, this is not something that customers have to worry about, as it is a routine part of the auditing process. If you are asked to sign a statutory declaration, simply follow the instructions provided by the depot. The process is straightforward and designed to ensure the accuracy of the refund process.

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        Can lids be returned?

        Yes, lids can be returned, as long as they are removed from the containers. We can recycle the lids but we can process them at the same time as the containers.

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