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What are Return-It Trailers?

Since the launch of the Container Deposit Scheme in June 2018, we’ve identified that community organisations including schools, sporting teams and commercial organisations are able to collect large numbers of containers, however they don’t always have the infrastructure available to deliver the containers to our Depot locations.

In a bid to help community groups, sporting teams, schools and commercial organisations raise funds Return-It are providing trailers to increase access to the ACT CDS.

How does the Return-It Trailers Program work?

If you’re on the go and transporting bulk containers, you can now hire trailers provided by Return-It to get your containers from A to B. With multiple Depots across Canberra, every refund point provides a trailer to hire with a complete set of Return-It bins that can be booked free of charge to approved organisations to raise much needed funds.

Each trailer comes with 240L Return-It bins and Bulka bags (available at Return-It Depots), which can be booked online at any time to help community groups, schools, sporting clubs and commercial clients.

Our ultimate goal is to help you save time and money, and by getting involved, you are helping to clean up the environment one container at a time, in a quick and convenient way.

Eligibility to hire a trailer

Our goal is to assist you with cleaning up the environment by making your drop-offs as convenient as possible. Requirements to book a Return-It trailer are:

  • The driver must hold a current and registered open license, with appropriate vehicle insurance (T&Cs apply).
  • The applicant must be approved by Return-It, at its discretion
  • All bins, Bulka Bags and trailers provided by Return-It must be returned to Depots in the same condition they are picked up in

How to hire a Return-It trailer

Our Return-It trailers are not only a convenient service, they are also free of charge! Hiring a trailer is simple, all you need to do is enter your contact details and preferred booking dates, and we will manage the rest!

You can hire a trailer for 24 hours (eg. 8am – 8am the next day) and must be returned to the same Depot it was collected at.

Hire a trailer and get collecting today!


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