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Where do I get the bags for the Express system?

When you return your eligible containers through Return-It QLD at our Express bag-drop sites, we accept any thin plastic bag that is leak-proof, and is sturdy enough to carry your containers without them spilling out in transit. Plastic bags can be clear, white, yellow, pink or other colours, so long as our staff can clearly and easily see that the bags only contain containers.

Please note that Return-It QLD Express sites are unable to accept thick black plastic bags, as staff members and volunteers cannot easily see what is contained inside of them. If you are returning your eligible containers through Return-It QLD Depot over-the-counter sites, plastic bags are not required. Please note, we recycle all plastic bags.

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How do my containers get counted?

The Express system uses bar coded technology to track and record your bags throughout the counting and payment solution. Your containers are counted, and a full and detailed receipt will be available on-line in your account to ensure you received credit for your bag contents.

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What containers can I place in the bag?

Any beverage container that you paid a deposit on in the QLD/ACT/NSW/SA/NT is eligible for the Express program. Out of Australia purchased containers as well as containers without labels, identification or ability to recognize are not eligible for a refund.

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How do I get paid?

Your Containers for Change account will be credited within 72 hours or alternatively you can donate you containers to charity such as Vinnies.

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How long will it take to get my account credited?

The Express system is designed to update your Containers for Change account balance within 2-3 business days of dropping off your containers at an Express location.

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What if my account was not credited what I thought I dropped off?

There are many reasons why your account may be credited less than what you anticipated. The Express technology uses bar coding and scanning to count and credit customer accounts. At times, there can be out of Australia containers, non-deposit containers or containers that unfortunately do not have a label that we can properly assess for a deposit refund. Also, be aware that if you dropped off multiple bags, they may have arrived at different times to our centralized counting facility. If you did drop off multiple bags, and your transaction credit is well short of what you dropped off, then please wait a few more days to see if the balance of your containers is counted and credited accordingly.

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What is an “Ineligible” Container?

Ineligible containers are used beverage containers which do not qualify for a refund or which are damaged to the point they cannot be identified as an eligible container. Examples include: containers purchased outside of Australia, wine bottles, spirits bottles, plain milk containers, juice bottles 1L and over, containers without labels, and damaged containers (broken glass).

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What If I disagree with your count?

The Express system is designed to be the final and deciding count. If you constantly find that you disagree with the count and the deposit refund, then Express may not be the solution for you. Return-It works diligently and leverages the newest technologies to ensure accuracy in our counting systems and effectiveness of the Express System.

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Who decided the charities?

Return-It selected the charities based on their involvement in the QLD, and the multiple projects and smaller charities they support. There are so many great charities, and we always encourage generosity when deciding on how to spend your deposit refund.

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Can I get cash from the depot or the store from my account?

The Express system is not accessible by the depot or the store. They do not have the ability to access your account and provide cash payments. If cash at the depot is important to you, then we recommend you use the cash back depots. They can be found on the Return-It website: www.returnit.com.au

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Who do I contact when I have a problem?

For all questions and concerns, you can contact Containers for Change on 13 42 42. The depot operators are unable to assist or provide account information. Please contact Containers for Change on 13 42 42 if you are experiencing problems which have not been answered in the FAQ’s.

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